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Nourishing your soul and filling your cup are divine acts. And what can be more divine than music to bring abundant happiness and peace in your life? Music introduces you to: 

  • The universe
  • The deep hidden glories of life
  • The true essence of nature to free your soul from captivity. 

The lingering idea behind Soul Cup Entertainment is to bring the soft and beautiful strains of Rajasthani folk songs and contemporary music into your life. It is the right channel to increase mindfulness and wake up sleeping souls. 

Soul Cup Entertainment, ranking high on the list of music companies in India, is dedicated to all aspects of live music. Team SCE produces and promotes global and regional musical events, concerts, music tours, and world-renowned festivals.

Be it celebrity singers or the lesser-known voices and artists who are waiting to be discovered, Soul Cup Entertainment brings them in front of the world and YOU!

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Playback Singer

The star performer and influencer of Soul Cup Entertainment, Seema has completed 25 glorious years of singing Rajasthani songs. Still hummed by millions of fans across the globe, her songs have won her hundreds of awards and plentiful accolades. Soul Cup Entertainment can be rightly called her brainchild, a dream that she has nurtured and nourished for decades in a row. Seema has won many contests and competitions, sung for stage shows and musical events worldwide, and has a huge fan following of all ages. Through this newly found platform, she desires to bring many other skilled musicians and talented artists to the limelight.

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Out Team



The soul and voice behind Soul Cup Entertainment, Anurag is an avid lover of Rajasthani folk songs, dances and music. Reputed for appreciating art and talent in every conceivable way, he lives and breathes music. Anurag’s passionate incline towards entertainment and creative arts is undeniable. A writer by choice and an entrepreneur by profession, Anurag heralds the voice of celebrity and lesser-known artists to take them to greater heights. A strong visionary by nature, he dreams to bring the best talent in the world of short films, plays, writing, and music under the umbrella of Soul Cup Entertainment.

Manisha Shukla

A music lover first and then a homemaker and instructor, Manisha believes in the therapeutic side of melody and music. A very dedicated fan and lover of Rajasthani music, she aims to spread the rich culture and heritage of the State across the world. Manisha believes that pure musical notes and tunes can change the pace of any hectic day by providing relief to the soul. A strong proponent of the aura-balancing and energy-changing benefits of music, Manisha is the spirit and life of Soul Cup Entertainment.

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Ganesh Aarti

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Rang Rasiya 2

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Shiv Aarti


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