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“Seema Mishra” merely a name which on hearing creates a sweet wave of sound and from the heart the feeling of rajasthani culture and civilization becomes live. This extreme sweet sound wave and the feeling of rajasthani culture and civilization has adored their name as the “ MARU KOKILA” (CROWN OF DESERT NIGHTINGALE).She born on 3rd November, 1976 in the state of Rajasthan Bisau district Jhunjunu. She started her journey as a hobby. That time nobody knew that this inside humming a little bird, would one day echo like a koyal not only in state but also in the whole country.She belongs to a middle class family, this voice got complete motivation and enhancement from the family members, got appraisal from the common peoples & various music companies delivered their voice to the masses.“Seema” get the first commercial break in 1993 in the town of fatehpur the release of an audio cassette of Bhajans on “Do Jhati Balaji”In the present prevailing time, “Seema” has sung for more then 75 cassettes which involved approx 450 Hindi, Bhajan & Rajasthani Folk songs.